Yo Mama! (needs flowers)

Hey WTF Lovers!!

Since we were on the kid train last couple weeks … [I feel like we have been on more of a roller coaster ride if ya ask me] and since one of those Hallmark holidays [one to memorialize the birth of our precious little heathens] is right around the corner we’re gonna run with it! Brace yourself, I am going to punch you right in the baby maker with more cuteness than you can handle!

A few months back I was doing a private floral crown lesson and I had a some of the most beautiful lisianthus that I wanted to test out the stability of  so I quick fast fashioned a crown and realized I hadn’t designated a head for it. But then my Handsome, who has the biggest heart anyone could ever have, a love so big for giving, and a passion for art and beauty said, “I know why don’t we give it to Ms. B.!” It was the perfect idea! Ms. B. is his teacher. So we gussied it all up [and by that I mean covered a piece of cardboard in white tissue paper and pinned a delicate floral crown to it]. BAM – How’s that for presentation style?! Especially, when you hand it to a little boy with the face of an angel. #Swooooooooooon!



He hand delivered it right to her… And who knew it was the most perfect day for one to rock a floral crown?! Turns out this was the eve of her bridal shower!!  She was over the moon to be my floral crown guinea pig! [She has since gotten married and is now Mrs. K.] [Thanks Mrs. K!!]

Next we have my friend Chrissy’s little boy “G”… If you haven’t died already- this one is sure to knock you clear over to the other side! Little “G” grandma was due for some sweet sweet flower lovin so who better to deliver them than this sweet face??!! NO one.


Told ya’s! Punched right in the baby maker!

[If neither of these faces have any effect on you than you have no soul.]

Which brings me right back to that holiday I mentioned before; Mother’s Day! It’s practically here already. Technically it’s this Sunday May 13th! It just so happens that I am also hosting an event just in time to celebrate Yo Mama’s! just in time for Mother’s Day!

Pints & Posies Pop-Up Shop this Saturday May 12th at Yolo Brewing Company! And it’s KID FRIENDLY!!! (You’re welcome.)

My Pretty girl and I will be there petal pushin from 3-6 pm or until we sell out which ever comes first! It’s a bit of a different take than my usual workshop or make and take events. In fact I’m not teaching anything at all. We’ll be offering DIY Floral Design Kits for the kiddos as well as the adults. Take then Make Style… But NO tools required! I’ll have some that you can borrow if you really need them [and it will only cost you a signature & an email address on my liability waiver]. I’ll also have pre-made floral arrangements as well as Hand Wrapped bouquets for you- “just grab and go” types. I highly recommend you PRE-ORDER any or all of the above, to guarantee you have flowers waiting for you and this event!

If that doesn’t entice you maybe 2$ off a pint will??

Either way we wish all you mama’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day and would love to see you or your kiddo’s at this event!!

-Until next time,

xo WTF


Author: WTF | Lady Rule

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