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Boy has it been a minute since I last blogged to you beautiful flower people! Better late than never right!!

Can you believe it’s friggin APRIL??!! And HOLY Mother of nature we went from crazy wintery rain storms to hella heatwave like- over night! Low 60’s to 80 degrees is quite a jump! That’s a bit of a shock to the system if ya ask me. I was no wear near ready to come out of “hibernation”… And by that I mean painted toe nails and silky smooth legs! But I did it! Well half way… Half of my legs are smooth. Yup. Only half…the bottom half. Not like it matters a ton because it’s floor length dresses for this girl until I can get my sun kissed glow goin. Baby steps!!! Next on the agenda… a much needed pedi. As soon as I have time! OH- which brings me back to why I am here. Focus V!

The floral artist life has kept a sista busy! Thanks to all you faithful flower lovers and to your little people especially! The kiddo’s and I have been flourishing up a storm of our own from the WS and the Delta the past several weeks! Kids are the FUNNEST! All that’s wrong in the world just takes a back seat and lets all the colorful creativity SHINE!

Grab your shades, because these smiles are BEAMING!!


Floral Design Workshops are all the rage right now! We had a blast talking about flowers and creating their very own completely unique floral arrangements! Huge THANK YOU to the Friends of The Clarksburg Library for allowing me to transform their activity room in to a floral studio! I can’t wait to host another one.

Even my own kids jumped on the design bandwagon over Easter Break (for the first time EVER)! That just makes my floral mama heart siiiiiiing!

BOLO for more events in the coming months! Like my Facebook Page and opt in to receive my monthly-ish emails about all the 411!


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