WTF: What A Year Pt. 1

WTF | Throw Back
One Year ago Today

I STILL can’t believe it has been a whole year since I began one of the most incredible journeys of my life… 

So many changes. So much growth both personally and professionally.  I was #BeyondGrateful then and I am even more grateful today and Every. Single. Day. for the two women in my life that believed in me more than I believed in myself.  Who gave me the encouragement and confidence to go BIG or go home!  I never could have imagined all the love and support from two of my most favorite communities: Clarksburg, California and The Cit y of  West Sacramento, California.

There I was 9 years after our move from MT to CA…. Sept 2016.

Drained from doing everything for everyone. ALL. The. Time.  My kids were older- and the demands of my favorite little people who I live and breath for – day in and day out had lessened. The weekly doctors appointments of my oldest had slowly began to dwindle down from the average of 6 appointments a month to ONE. PEOPLE- That was nearly 30 hours of time every month that I could focus elsewhere.  What would I do with it?  The possibilities were endless!!  Would I continue to volunteer my free time at my kid’s school?  Embrace my OCD and clean and organize everything for the umpteenth time?  Hit the gym? {Haha yeah right!} Nap?  Seriously 30 hours a month of designated {more like mandatory!} nap time would have been well deserved. Not to mention so well received! Well, it was none of those things!

Little did I know the universe had a different plan for me according to my good friend *Lily, who I had become really close to the last few years.  We spent a lot of time together talking about all our hopes and dreams, plans, and needs… you know super sappy friendship shit.  One thing I shared with her on numerous occasions was my desire to have my own floral business, it was my “dream”.  From the very first time she showed me so much support and encouragement and LOVE.  Best of all she believed in me more than even I believed in myself. I always thought that I was a pretty confident person, except that – for every ounce of confidence I have an equal amount of doubt and anxiety.  I tend to think things through and play out all the possible scenarios in my mind. {Some…{ok most} would probably call that “over thinking”.}  Leaving me with the inability to commit to some things. Still however, I told *Lily that if there was just one thing I could do it would be… Floral design.   Designing when ever I could.  Designing for no reason all.  Designing because it simply makes me so incredibly happy. Designing is very therapeutic for me; not to mention flowers make others happy too. Being able to do something or provide something for others that I know makes them as happy as I feel while practicing the art of floristry- is a remarkable feeling. Seeing people light up at the mere sight of flowers- even when they aren’t for them was one of the very first things that hooked me into the floral industry. Even if I hadn’t been the one to arrange the flowers. Delivering them was just as amazing. I’m not a huge fan of surprises {like at all} so I tend to be rather straight forward and transparent with people. {That’s where my NO Bullshit policy comes in.}  But giving someone flowers is a surprise I will always stand behind.

Then one day I got a call/text from my friend who said she has a surprise for me.  I was having a particularly awful day.  Something medical related with one of my children on top of a million other things had me in a funk that I just couldn’t shake. Therefore, I was in no mood for such a surprise no matter what it was.  We both knew I wouldn’t have been able to receive it well and I wasn’t about to be a d*ck to my friend and ruin the delivery of her surprise.  But she totally understood because that’s kind of friend she is.  We agreed to check in first thing the next morning.  So after a good nights sleep the following morning I was ready for her to share the news.  So I dropped off my kids at school and she texted: “Grab some beer. This surprise is celebratory breakfast beer worthy.” [I’m paraphrasing here but that’s pretty damn close.]  I had no idea what she had to tell me, but I wasn’t worried or anxious because I trust her.  She wouldn’t have called it a surprise if she had any doubts that I would hate it.  So I show up, she opens both of us a our favorite beer, slices up some limes, and we get comfortable.  I was ready. I said, “Lets hear it.”  She wasted no time at all and she just laid it all out. She said “YOU are going to do flowers for *Rose!  Rose is a mutual friends. Shes a bad ass who get things done.  She is also one of the most giving and caring people I know.  Lily continued, “She loves them, needs them, and wants to retain YOU to do them every week.”

I’m pretty sure I said something along the lines of “Shut the F*@k up!  Are you serious??!!”  She explained the conversation they had, in detail.  I couldn’t believe it.  She was dead serious and I was so beside myself I almost cried!  We both knew what this meant for me.  Rose was the door to opportunity and Lily simply rang the bell.  Once that door opened it’s been a flood of one incredible opportunity after another!

We began jotting down notes and making plans because THIS was only the beginning.  I knew I had to get my shit together.  So first things first I needed a business name… And it didn’t take long.  WTF became What The Flowers and thus my dream was becoming a reality!  She was right that celebratory breakfast beer was perfect for this occasion!!  I suddenly knew exactly what I was going to do with all that extra time now that this opportunity had just landed in my lap!! ♥

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