WHOA! Check me out!

WTF is all grown up and graduated on the

World Wide Web!

This chick finally has her website up and running thanks largely in part to Danee McMahan of Cowboy Bling Designs for rockin’ the hell out of my web design, updating my logo, and putting up with my OCD- Type A- ass! We’ve finally got it all goin’ on. Seriously this babe doesn’t mess around. She knows her stuff! She’s so smart and she’s so funny. And we definitely love hanging out with one another when there isn’t a computer screen between us. That’s the best part right there if you ask me. 😘 

Now everything you need is just a few clicks away. Learn a little about me, my WTF style, find my price list as well as my inquiry form. When you’re ready to place an order just visit the Inquire Now page with all your information. Leave the rest to me!

Check me out at www.whattheflowers.net 

You can also check out on Facebook and Instagram.

And for all you pinning fanatics I’m on Pinterest as well! This is a work in progress- I’m a little late to game here so no judging! But if you do have any helpful suggestions I’m happy to hear those any day!

While we’re at it how about that photo page!? My friend and fab photog Katrina spent an entire morning with me-kind of on the fly, to capture me completely in my element of floral design. Everyone single one of her images depicts who I am, what I do, and how I do it, to a T! Now you all have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of it too. I’m not going to lie though- that design day was a lot cleaner than all the other days. I tend to make quite a mess and at the end of the day there is shit strung all. over. the place. My husband appreciates that the most! It’s just how I create. I design quick and dirty and I don’t apologize for the mess it leaves behind. But I am a bit a neat freak and a germaphobe So you can bet your ass my work space all clean and tidy when I’m done. One day  [I’ll let] Katrina pop over and “catch me” off guard. Then you’ll really get to see me in all my floral madness and my organized chaos. This shoot was strictly business and for promotional purposes and she killed it! Like I KNEW she would! Please go see more of work at Katrina Arundel Photography and here and here!

You never know you might need her in your back pocket for something down the road. She’s amazing and I’m incredibly greatful for her and her talent!

All I have you today is – My OVERWHELMING EXCITEMENT that all the work we’ve done these last few weeks has all finally come together!!

Come get your flowers! ❄x 



Author: WTF | Lady Rule

Flower Slingin’ | Punk Rockin’ | Beer Swillin’ | No Shit Takin’ | Rad As Hell | Special Needs Mama | Life Mate | Friend | Small Business Ownin' Bad Ass

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